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Process your wild game

Custom services

We do custom butchering and processing of livestock and wild game. All butchering must meet our standards; any game needs to be headless, skinless, and clean. We reserve the right to refuse service if the product does not meet our requirements

We DO NOT accept frozen game or whole deer for butchering!

raw meat
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Things to Know

Prices are subject to change; call for details. Steaks, roasts and chopped meat. Freezer wrapping included. See below the products we can smoke and process into sausages.
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Services tailored to you

Our wild game Services

We can smoke and process your wild game, and even process certain meats to sausages. Read on to see in more detail what we can do to your wild game.


Game Processing

Process to sausage

Below is our list of sausage flavors and a sample picture of just a few of our most popular venison products.

*These flavors are available before or after the hunting season.

In order to remain as competitive as possible, the prices detailed inside are subject to change.

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