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The best selections

Perfect flavors

We use only Prime cuts in order to deliver to you the perfect combination of flavor and marbling. What’s more, our Bone-In Steaks and Roasts come from hanging, air-dried beef. This allows for the natural aging of the meat, which is essential to any steak’s texture and flavor which we cut to order. Below are pictures of our meat showcase.

What’s so special about hanging meat?

Meat is meant to hang in a cool place so that it can dry and age naturally, ripening and tenderizing. The meat itself breathes, and the tissue begins to break down on a cellular level. Actually, a good piece of meat should be about a month old before we finally cut it for you. Processed, sealed steaks from the supermarket simply cannot compete.
ribeye steak
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We keep our Bone-In, Hanging Meat in a side cooler. Just ask us and we’ll cut you any of the following:

Things to Know

We carry our hanging meat the old-fashioned way: on meat hooks. Our Beef, Lamb and Veal come in as whole pieces, and from that we cut you steaks!
We also carry pheasants, ducks, turkeys, and quail, as well as whole pigs for roasting. We’ll even smoke it for you!
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A variety of choices

Cuts we offer

We offer a great variety of high-quality cuts that we’re sure you’ll love. After trying our selections, you’ll never want to go back to buying supermarket meat! Take a look below to see the cuts we can provide.


All prices are subject to change!
cow cuts diagram
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